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Saturday, July 3, 2010

Want to share this

Took this in 3 May 2010.

And I no longer have this pair of red shoe. Because I threw it away. Did I mention that I am in the habit of keeping only less than 5 pair of shoes?

Anyway I cannot remember where this was taken. but it seems so nice to feature the drain that is a main icon of Singapore. Did you read the recent news about the flooding in Orchard Road? It was actually because of the poor drainage. Or rather, a poor maintenance of the excellent drainage system in Singapore. But this issue is so small. Why can't people see that the cause is global warming?

The thing is, there has been heavy downpour recently, and I mean recent years.

Traditionally in the 5th lunar month, it should be a hot season. Meaning lots of insects flying around and you get to eat dumplings... but it seems that more rain happened than the heatwave! Not that I am lamenting but the weather changes is scary!

I wonder, if I were to have any child or children, will they ever to experience the same weather that we all see today?

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