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Friday, July 2, 2010

FishVille - Awards Update 2010 July

An update of my awards.

Just got this Food For Friends Gold Trophy when I went to my neighbors' tank. It gave 1,500 XP and $850 FishVille Coins. I think I am sick of the XP...

Why would I need so much XP? I think I am already at a very high level and I can already buy so many fishes!

 Well, this is my FishVille Awards. As you can see, there are now diamond awards. Actually I think, FishVille should give some decoration stuff so that I can display them in my tanks!

I rather something to keep than Coins or XP! And they should make it pretty, maybe something in pink color? (Yes, I love pink *wink*)

Read about my previous awards post here.

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