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Saturday, July 10, 2010

Sorority Life - New Look for Voting

I noticed this change today only.

I went to the Catwalk and saw this pinkish box. Nice touch! (See the old Catwalk here)

It shows who are the hottest in Sorority Life Catwalk.

Then if you want to vote, the usual button is at the bottom now.

I always do the Vote for 25 Sisters.

There is another one which lets you vote individually. This is the Vote for Sisters at the top right hand corner of the Catwalk page.

It is different too. Because now you can scroll and choose instead of the old one. It shows you the real name and the SL name. Use the arrows on the left and right to scroll and the blue button at the bottom to vote.

Once you voted you will see that you receive $50 for the vote. Your sister gets the $50 too! Previously the voter gets nothing and it just wasn't fair!

But will this cause inflation? Haha! Virtual world...

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