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Thursday, July 1, 2010

Social City - Census Bureau

The latest addition to Social City is the Census Bureau.

I wasn't sure what it was but it was given to me via a pop up. They actually count your populatin! But I don't know what that does?

Anyway it is this popup:

For welcoming 20 houses you get The Census Bureau. It moves in everyone in a region! Reward: +5,000 Coins and +20 XP. The Census Bureau goes into your Inventory.

Once you got that building on your City, and you click on it, you will see this pop-up:

Population goes uncounted across the city! Your census workers are ready to go, but need 1 energy to get out to the people. Count'em!

I guess they give you additional headcounts if you like... Same as the garbage thing but that hasn't worked for me yet! Because the garbage still remains in my city... *sigh*

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