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Saturday, July 10, 2010

FishVille - Deep Sea Angler (Age 6)

I wrote about the Deep Sea Angler earlier. Now the fishes are 6 years old and I think it's time to sell them!

Then I went to sell to them. Of course when the fish is 5 years old or more you will get a prompt if you are certain to sell:

Are You Sure?
You are about to sell your age 6 Deep Sea Angler. Are you sure you want to sell this fish?
Sell without asking for the next 5 minutes
And you are also given an option if you want to continue selling this for the next 5 minutes. This means that you won't get any notice when selling older fishes. This is dangerous unless you are selling at a slow speed and not a fast clicker like me.

And the screen shows that I got $32,000 Coins and 6,400 XP. This is just for 1 fish! Well, imagine I paid $500,000 for the fish, it is really worth the XP!

According to my excel chart, it is a lost of -$492,000 (loss of 98.4%). The XP rate (XP Per Minute) is outstanding at 1.48148. Even the MINI DART GOBY has a XP rate of only 0.4 only!

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  1. Hello!
    I've got 20 deep sea anglers (I saved some "clone fish" from the feeding collection, the hearts) and on some of them I used the thing that doubles their price. Thus, I've got almost all of them at age 6 and their current price is 64.000. Should I wait more? Does their price increase more at level 7? I mean, of course it does, but I ran out of money and maybe it's not worth to wait and I should be satisfied with this money -that is quite an amount of!-
    Thank youuuuuuu

    1. The Flasher wrasse, for wxample, stop its growth at age 4 and it seems to me that it remains still at 9400$ from then and on... is it right? Do fish stop growing in price at times??????

  2. I guess it all depends.
    I bought one deep sea angler, and then I cloned it 20 times, and duplicated it's value with special food.

    My initial inversion was of 500,000
    when I duplicated it's value it was worth 64,000, and then I sold 20 of them; that adds up to
    1,280,000 coins, I got a profit of 780,000, so my return of investment (ROI) was of 156% pretty good if you ask me.


thQnk :)


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