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Saturday, July 31, 2010

Mafia Wars - Las Vegas

Today I went to Las Vegas, in Mafia Wars :)

How to reach the Boss
There are several ways to reach the boss in each district:

Energy Path
You should choose the Energy Path if you have a high amount of Enery.

Fight Path
Choose the fight if you have serious muscle and stamina to beat your rivals. You'll need to fight your way through to complete this path.

Social Path
A helpful Mafia can help you finish jobs much easier with this path, as their help can contribute to your Job Mastery.

Master ALL jobs in the district to unlock the next level of mastery.

The Lightning icon represents a job that uses enery. All paths have jobs that require energy.
The Gun icon represents a job you must complete by fighting. You are required to spend stamina to complete these jobs.
This Hailer icon means your Mafia can help you to make this job easier. Each Mafia member that helps you increase your Job Mastery.
This Building icon indicates that completing this job will provide you with items to build your casino resort. Mastering this job for the first time unlocks a new casino property.
This Key icon represents a job that requires a special gate loot to complete. This gate loot usually can be found on earlier jobs in the district, and n the marketplace.
All path leads to the boss. Once you have defeated the boss, you can move to the next district.

How To Do Jobs
Use the map to explore different jobs and paths to completing districts.
Path Tabs - Select a job path that suits your style.
Job Panel - Learn job stats, and do jobs in the active, highlighted panel.

Basically you can choose the Energy Path or Fight Path. For me, I decided that the Fight Path is the way for me. But I took a scroll in both paths. The jobs were completely the same!

The Energy Path

The Fight Path

Then I did a job in the Fight Path. The usual information comes up:

Success! (or Failure if you fail? Happens if you encounter internet connection problems, happened to me a few times!)
What you gain: Level Experience (XP), Tool and Job mastery
What you spent: Energy
 For the 3rd job, I found that I needed to get some loot items, and I had to buy it.

 Then I went to the Energy Path / Tab and found that the job mastery transfers over and I could find another way to complete my job, if it happens to have a Friend or Mafia Option.

Well, this is something for a Fight Option. If you see the next 2 pictures, you will know that the people you need to fight are not the same and I think comes from the old Fight Tabs. Different Mafia Size on different level, jumbles up each time you fight.

 And after buying the required loot, you are notified in the same screen too. I think this makes the game more effective, with out a popup to show you. So you don't have to click to close that notice.

 And the results of the fight is shown immediately too:
What you brought with you to the fight: Number of Gang Member, Number of attacking Points
What they brought with them to the fight: Number of Gang Member, Number of attacking Points
Who you fought with: Nickname, Level and an option to show what was used)
What you Gained: Energy, Tool, Job Mastery
What you Spent: Stamina

Will pose more when I have more stuff..

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