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Friday, July 23, 2010

Working in Singapore

I am still trying to find time to write about FishVille. Working life in Singapore pretty much drains all your time!
I wake up at 6am to prepare breakfast for my Darlings, make sure they got clean water, clear their pee tray 3 times, wash their beards if need be before I attend to my own needs, breakfast, bath, make up and leaving for work.

I will usually leave house around 7.45am to 8.05am, depending on my bathroom availability. If my brother or mom wakes up late, I will be late. They both need to use the bathroom before me. My brother starts work at 8.30am and my mom just feels that she gets to go before me. I tell myself she is senior and may have bladder problems.

Anyway fortunately I need to reach work only at 9am. But my boss goes to work at 8.30am! He is nice and generally pretty on time. I try to go as early as I can but sometimes it just doesn't happen.

Usually I try to leave at 6pm. That is the time I am allowed to leave. The first month, I leave on time at 6pm sharp. Later, it became 6.30pm and I think I need to get a grip on myself. Usually it takes discipline to get things done and I think I may not be paying attention to what I am doing.

It is a decent job and easy enough. That is why I am motivated. Plus I always want to go home early to be with my Darlings.

Yes, that is how it is.

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