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Saturday, July 31, 2010

Unforgettable day

Darling No 1 treated me to a movie and an unforgettable steam boat dinner at his favourite hunt.

He surprised me when he called if I would like to go for breakfast.

I had planned a quiet day till I meet him for dinner. He even made me thought he went to work!

I had wanted to go to Swenson for a huge breakfast (all by myself) and I lamented to him over MSN that the breakfast happens only on weekends! (Maybe I shall go this weekend instead ;p)

Then 1 hour later, I was folding my clothes when he rang my handphone! I did not get his SMS earlier though and lucky he did not wait for me to reply his sms.

He waited for me to finish my clothes and we went out for breakfast. I had planned to bring the dogs for a long walk at the Bukit Batok Park but I guessed the dogs won't mind if I enjoyed myself!

We went past Swenson in WestMall but I decided against going in. He then suggested to go watch movie. We got the tickets for Inception, 11.45am.

We then headed to the Koufu. Then I got dim sum and Darling No 1 got braised noodle from a shop selling duck noodle. The noodle was really nice as the noodles was really soaked with the taste! The dim sum was really nice too but it was abit too cold. But it was really nice with the coffee. Yeah, Koufu is really nice!

We headed to the cinema and was shocked that the place was quite empty. But the crowd came in and soon the fast paced movie caught our attention instead.

The show started with a scene which I couldn't make sense of, no heads and no tails! I did not read any review or synopsis before the show but did catch the trailers.

I liked the show because it was really believable and I think possible. The show talked about dreams within dreams, with the use of drugs. The idea of thinking within dreams is an idea that I have been exploring but not the drugs part. Having the speed of processes being exponentially increased within dreams is a very innovative idea but I don't think it is possible, unless you really enter into a trance state.

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